How it works

BwatLa gets the best possible quality TV and radio signals directly from the providing stations both in Haiti and in the US and delivers straight to your Television set using your existing High-Speed Internet connection (750kbps or faster).

Getting started with BwatLa is easy!

Step 1: Connect the internet to your BwatLa digital set top box
Step 2: Plug in your BwatLa digital box to your television
Step 3: Power on your box using the remote and Voila.. Begin to experience BwatLa…

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All you need:
1. A Subscription from for a low price of $19.95 per month
2. A high speed internet connection (750kbps or faster)
3. A set top box available for purchase at or at any of our distributor locations
4. A few minutes to set up your system

Click here to subscribe or contact us by phone toll free at: (866) 638-8551.

We speak English, nous parlons Français, nou pale Kreyòl tou!