What is BwatLa?


Haiti Live Networks or “BwatLa” is a Haitian owned company that offers live Television and Radio channels to the Haitian community around the World. Haiti Live Networks is the first Network to broadcast live TV signals from Haiti to customers in markets outside the country 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. BwatLa provides an alternative to regular cable and satellite programming to customers who wish to stay in touch with their Haitian roots and culture.

BwatLa teamed up with several TV and Radio stations both in Haiti and abroad to bring you a wide variety of programming. From political news and debates to entertainment and music to social events to religion discussions, BwatLa has got you covered.

Our list of partners include popular stations like Télévision Nationale d’Haïti (TNH), Radio Télé Ginen (RTG), Radio Tele Caraïbes (RTC), Catholic sponsored Radio Télé Soleil, and many more in the near future. In addition, BwatLa will also make the best Haitian movies and other productions available to you as Video On Demand and pay-per-view.

BwatLa features the latest news and entertainment from the country’s top stations. BwatLa also brings the latest in Haitian music and videos, documentaries and talk shows all live and in the comfort of your living room. Haiti Live Networks makes it all possible through state of the art technology and with close collaboration with its partners in Haiti, USA and Canada. BwatLa product is the most advanced and innovative offering to the Haitian community.