Tele Ginen is committed to being the channel of choice in the Haitian community. It prides itself in its line-up of local programming focusing on news, culture, sports, current affairs and entertainment. RTG is a dominant station with an impressive footprint over the entire island of Española.
  Recently formed by its parent Radio Soleil of the Haitian catholic clergy, Tele Soleil has quickly become the largest Christian television network in Haiti. Tele Soleil broadcasts a variety of inspirational Christian programs from various churches and ministries located within the country.

Television Nationale D’ Haiti or TNH considers itself as the pride of Haitian television. TNH occupies a special place in the hearts and minds of the Haitian people as it is the oldest and most renowned television station in the country. The station provides it viewers with local programming focusing on Education, Sports, Culture and News. Its primary goal is to keep the public abreast of all governmental activities, participate in formal education of the mass through programs sponsored by the ministry of education and finally to promote the national culture and tourism.

  diaspo TV strives to become the number one Haitian Entertainment channel outside of Haiti. It is dedicated to serve its audience with the best in Music videos, and entertainment. It features the hottest updates in Compas, Zouk, Reggae, Dancehall and Caribbean music culture. It also features concerts, and artist interviews.
  Tele Lumière belongs to the Evangelical Baptist Mission of South Haiti but is operated as a service to all of the evangelical churches. In fact, Radio-Tele Lumière is known as the voice of the Protestant Church in Haiti. Programming, staff, and financial support come from all of the evangelical denominations.
  Radio Tele Éclair is a sister station of the infamous Radio Éclair founded in 1988. Amongst the new comers in the industry, they have strived to create and maintain popular TV shows such as “Carte Rouge”, Format 4” and “Index”. Their focus to attract younger audiences as well pushed them to evolve and have one of the best entertainment channels in Haiti. Diversified music videos, “Feuilletons” and quality talk shows are top priority. Their line-up also include the News, Sports movies, etc.. Bravo Tele Éclair!
  Tele Quisqueya (TQ) is a television station located in Saint-Marc, Haiti. It covers all the Artbonite department and many other cities in the country. The station offers a dynamic program with rich content. With shows like Info5, Bonjour Quisqueya, Musiqueya etc.. it sure touches every generation within the Haitian community. It provides live news updates and current events, sports, entertainment and religion. With its young staff and their progressive direction, they are sure to become one of the leading TV stations in Haiti.

“El Shaddai” is a biblical name for God.
Under the leadership of Bishop SEM Celestin and the help of his congregation especially Eglise Apocalypse, has founded El Shaddai Television which broadcasts the word of the lord around the world.
Rev Bishop Celestin says of his commitment to the television channel and his church: “..We are a family church where people are equipped to be part of God’s army to reach the world with the supernatural power of God. We as a congregation are pursuing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, the presence, the glory and the power of God through praise and Worship, and most importantly the Word. As we seek His Face, He comes and inhabits the praises of His people and His miracle working power is released to minister the needs of his people.
El Shaddai operates out of the US in Elmont, NY and broadcasts 24 hours a day and 7 days a week on channel 7 of BwatLa.